About therapy...

I believe that many of our difficulties develop as a result of our beginning of life and our past experiences in general. We repeat patterns in our lives in the hope that things will one day turn out differently. Therapy offers you the possibility of insight into these patterns.

In order to survive difficult experiences, people often feel compelled to repress uncomfortable feelings. Counselling, or psychotherapy provides an opportunity to look at what may have been buried or never acknowledged, simply in order to get by in life. Meeting with a therapist can offer a safe environment in which to articulate and express these feelings for the first time and/or to make sense of maladaptive behaviours such as addictions or eating disorders.

Counselling is generally considered a relatively short-term option where a specific problem may be looked at over a period of weeks or a few months. This might be a problem at work, a one-off relationship difficulty or a recent bereavement.

Psychotherapy is a longer-term option, with the intention of making sense of difficulties that seem to repeat themselves in your life. This might include destructive relationship patterns, mood swings and anxious feelings, drug and alcohol misuse or problems with food.