Dr Marie Adams

Counselling and psychotherapy in Lyme Regis


Individual Therapy

I provide one to one counselling and psycotherapy in Lyme Regis.

Supervision and Training

I am an experienced trainer and supervisor, most closely associated with the Metanoia Institute in West London.


With a background in the media, I am an experienced broadcaster and writer.

Issues I Can Help With


Drug and alcohol problems


Sexual Orientation/Identity


Trauma including sexual abuse and domestic violence


Bereavement and Loss


Eating Disorders


Identity, loss of a sense of self


Depression & Anxiety


Relationship Issues


Personality disorders

Hello! I’m Marie

How can psycotherapy/counselling help me?

I believe that many of our difficulties develop as a result of our beginning of life and our past experiences in general. We repeat patterns in our lives in the hope that things will one day turn out differently. Therapy offers you the possibility of insight into these patterns.

In order to survive difficult experiences, people often feel compelled to repress uncomfortable feelings. Counselling, or psychotherapy provides an opportunity to look at what may have been buried or never acknowledged, simply in order to get by in life. Meeting with a therapist can offer a safe environment in which to articulate and express these feelings for the first time and/or to make sense of maladaptive behaviours such as addictions or eating disorders.

My Approach & Values

I have been working in private practice as a counsellor, psychotherapist and supervisor since 1995. I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and of the United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy (UKCP). I am also a Member of the Metanoia Institute (MPTI) and of the Forum for Independent Psychotherapists (FIP). I adhere to all their code of ethics and am bound by their complaints procedures. 

An important aspect of any counselling or psychotherapeutic relationship is confidentiality. It is an important ethical premise that unless you are in danger of hurting yourself or someone else, or I am compelled by a court of law, confidentiality will be maintained. 

Any therapist working within the ethical frameworks of the BACP, the UKCP and the MPTI also has a professional obligation to maintain an ongoing programme of professional development. This includes consultation on a regular basis with an experienced practitioner to ensure that the highest ethical standards are maintained.

My Education

  • DPsych (Metanoia Institute/Middlesex University)
  • Masters degree in Integrative Psychotherapy (Metanoia Institute/Middlesex University)
  • Diploma in Person-Centred Counselling (Metanoia Institute)
  • Diploma in Supervision
  • Postgraduate course in Psychoanalytic / Psychodynamic psychotherapy

My Experience

  • I am an experienced trainer and supervisor, most closely associated with the Metanoia Institute in West London.
  • I offer clinical supervision to both counselling students and practitioners.
  • With a background in the media, I am also an experienced broadcaster and writer with a particular interest in trauma in which I regularly give workshops, most notably within the BBC.

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